~ Infinity Cell Therapy ~

Our Story

Our founder, Dyonne Diamond, had been researching holistic health and looking for the best, most researched modalities for a few years. At the time, being involved in the equestrian show industry, Dyonne shipped one of her horse to an out of state horseshow for her daughter to show. When he got there he was stiff and sore from the long trailer ride. After a day or so he was still stiff so a chiropractor was called out, but the treatment failed to help him. His trainer suggested we have him treated with a therapy called PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field). There was a PEMF Practitioner on the show grounds and so we had the horse treated. In 20 minutes, he was better and had great range of motion in his body. He remained healthy for the show and even the trip home. 

Dyonne immediately began researching PEMF and the different machines and found that MagnaWave offered the best product for both people and animals and shortly after, ended up buying our first machine. 

AND JUST LIKE THAT - Utah's Premier PEMF company was born. 

Since then the search for top of the line products has continued and we have added red light therapy as well as a brain training program.

~ Meet Our Staff ~

Dyonne Diamond

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner - ADPP

Master Level Certified PEMF Practitioner - Magna Wave & AOPP

Dyonne been interested in science and medicine since childhood. Her university experience had a strong focus on anatomy, physiology, chemistry and other sciences. After having to turn down a medical school opportunity for personal and economical reasons, she didn't give up on helping people and animals and decided to use her knowledge in a different way. 

In early 2016, she started researching the healing powers of energy and frequencies. Einstein said, "the future of medicine is in the frequencies". She realized that our current medical system allows for doctors to prescribe medicine or perform surgery, but often there are not many other answers to health concerns for people or animals. While these options are important, there is a wealth of information on holistic and natural approaches too. Dyonne has read countless books on the subject of holistic health and the energy of our bodies and this interest lead her to look into Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy as the first modality that she introduced into her therapy company for people and animals. She soon brought on red and infrared LED light therapy as well as a brain frequency training to help people with balancing moods, stress, anxiety and more.

One veterinarian that Dyonne follows, Dr. Marty Goldstein, said that we need to get rid of the labels of modern medicine, alternative medicine, holistic medicine etc. and just call it all medicine! Doctors should be able to do what is necessary to help their patients and often a combination of it all is the most effective approach.

Dyonne has seen first hand how the combination of these modalities improves the results and this is why her therapy sessions often combine modalities to help her clients achieve health goals and improve overall wellness. Her philosophy on health is to support your wellbeing and overall health to create an  optimal environment that can often ward off many ailments on its own.

Schylar Diamond

Certified PEMF Practitioner - AOPP

Schylar "Sky" Diamond has been working with Infinity Cell Therapy since early 2020 helping out and came on as another practitioner late 2020. She is certified through the Association of PEMF Professionals (AOPP) to work on animals and people.

Sky has always owned animals and is very used to handling horses, livestock, dogs and cats. Sky enjoys showing her horse, playing golf and helping people and their pets feel better.