Customized Cell Wellness Program

for Animals

Our Cell Wellness Program works to promote optimal health at a cellular level in the body. Each session is completely customized and unique to your animal's situation and may include one or more of the following: pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy and/or red & infrared light therapy.

Horse & Livestock Benefits

Pain & stiffness of joints & soft tissue

Wounds from injury or surgery

Soft tissue injuries

Abscesses in the hoof and stone bruises

Arthritis, Cushings, Founder

Colic and Ulcers

Fractures, bone chips, and other bone injuries

Pre & Post Pregnancy Issues

Faster recovery from performance and injury

Helps to detect areas of soreness

Dog & Cat Benefits

Soft Tissue Injuries



Hip dysplasia

Arthritis and bone disease

Fractures, bone chips and other bone injuries


Digestive issues

Skin and coat issues

Postoperative wounds and recovery

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