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M.D. - Oregon

Having suffered from knee, back and hip pain for most of my life, I saw that Dyonne was in town and I signed up for one therapy session. Within a a short time, I felt a lot more range of motion and less pain. I slept soundly through the night and was pain free for several days. I look forward to her return!

E.S. - Utah

I was in horrific pain with my cancer that medication was not helping. Dyonne's therapy service has given me a renewed quality of life. Although I still have cancer, I am up walking around, able to leave the house on outings and enjoying my family and all with minimal to no pain!

J.S. - Utah

"I have been working with Dyonne, at Infinity PEMF Therapy, for several months now; both for myself and my pets. I have been so impressed not only by her, but by what her machine is capable of doing. I have felt instant relief when she has treated my back and shoulders, but I can also see a noticeable difference in my animals following treatment. Dyonne is also highly educated in the treatment she is providing. She ​was able to explain everything to me and help me understand how PEMF helps heal. It is truly an amazing machine and I would highly recommend it for anyone or their pets!" 

W.D. - Utah

Dyonne has done her therapy sessions on my horse who recently had colic surgery, on my goat who has been ill, on a mare I bred, and on myself. Not only do my animals enjoy the treatments, I have seen improvements in them. My goat went from being extremely stiff to running around after only 10 minutes. My mare’s incision site looks less swollen and is softer, and after the reproductive treatment on another mare, she ovulated right on time. Following a single treatment session, my back is feeling great! Dyonne is very professional and knows her stuff. She can provide answers to your questions and is passionate about helping animals and people with her amazing machine. I recommend Dyonne and her Cell Wellness Program very highly.

S.M. - Utah

I recently had the vet from South Valley Large Animal Hospital out for a check up on my horse's leg which was injured 5 days ago after kicking through a sheet metal fence. When he took off the bandages he said, "Wow, that's looking great! I can't believe it's only 5 days old! I was just out looking at another horse with a large 5 day old wound and that horse is still really shredded up." Way to go PEMF!! Thank you Dyonne for your help getting my horse back to health quickly.

S.H. - Utah

I heard about Dyonne from a friend who raved about her and the PEMF technology. I was suffering from knee pain due to a torn meniscus that was being slow to heal. Dyonne was very professional, able to answer all my questions, listened to all my concerns and her medical knowledge was impressive. She treated my whole body first and then focused on my knee. After the first treatment I noticed the pain was almost completely gone and I had much more range of motion. I've had 5 treatments and my knee pain is totally gone, but I will keep getting treatments until the meniscus is healed. It has also helped my low back pain! Double benefits!

J.M. - Utah

So, I fractured my foot a couple of months ago and have been dealing with so much pain for awhile now. I finally went to the foot Dr. and he took some x-rays and found the hairline fracture in my foot and told me I needed to wear an orthopedic shoe for 4 weeks 😩. At 3 weeks I was still having so much pain, feeling frustrated and couldn’t put all my weight on my foot. I heard about the Cell Wellness Program and decided to give it a try. After the 1st treatment I felt 10x better and could put all my weight on my foot. I have done 2 treatments now and am able to walk with 90% less pain and without the shoe! 🙌🏼 Seriously the highlight of my month!! 🙂

Dyonne Diamond is super kind and she comes to you. If you are having chronic pain or inflammation you should give this a try!

M.C. - Utah

Check out Infinity Cell Therapy with Dyonne Diamond. She’s amazing, this service is amazing. You won’t regret it!

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