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Our office is in Sandy, UT  just off I-15 at 9000 South. 

For animals we perform farm calls and in-home sessions.

We offer PEMF therapy sessions for people and all types of animals as a drug-free pain management therapy to decrease inflammation, swelling and detoxify the body while increasing oxygen and circulation and provide the cells in the body the energy they need to heal and perform efficiently. 

We offer state-of-the-art brain training with BrainTap using light therapy, isochronic tones (tones that are at different brainwave frequencies), binaural beats (energy soundwave therapy) and guided meditation sessions. This allows you to retrain your mind to be more of a positive thinker, more alert, achieve goals and increase focus. Commonly used for depression, stress, anxiety, performance improvements at work and in sports, dementia, ADHD and more!

We offer LZR sessions as an "add on" with a MagnaWave session or on it's own. The LZR is the most powerful red and infrared light therapy on the market with 15-60 second session times. 

Skin Issues • Painful Joints • Weight Loss • Hair Regrowth and more!

SALES - Through MagnaWave, we sell all the machines, attachments and products MagnaWave has to offer.

RENTAL - We rent machines to current clients who, following our training and protocol, find it more feasible to "borrow" a machine for multiple sessions over the course of a day, week, or month for their own personal use.

We have support through customized education and training on machines, PEMF techniques, wellness as well as consulting for problematic health issues.

We offer clinics and speaking engagement to educate groups about PEMF. This is great for companies, health clubs, sports teams, parent groups and more.

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