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We offer mobile PEMF therapy sessions for people and all types of animals to relieve pain, increase oxygen and circulation and get their body to heal itself more efficiently. 

We offer LZR sessions as an "add on" with a MagnaWave session or on it's own. The LZR is the most powerful

We rent machines to current clients who, following our training and protocol, find it more feasible to "borrow" a machine for multiple sessions over the course of a day, week, or month for their own personal use.

Through MagnaWave, we sell all the machines, attachments and products MagnaWave has to offer.

We have support through customized education and training on machines, PEMF techniques, wellness as well as consulting for problematic health issues.

We offer clinics and speaking engagement to educate groups about PEMF. This is great for companies, health clubs, sports teams, parent groups and more.

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